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Community Broadband "How-To" Webinar Series

The Iowa Community Broadband “How-To” Webinar Series
Begins July 16, 2014!

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Join the winner’s circle of communities that have brought faster, better broadband to their constituents.

Webinar Host-Craig Settles

Craig's consulting experiences, combined with hundreds of hours of interviews and meetings with individuals managing broadband projects nationwide, shape these hands-on training sessions. In addition to interactive presentations, Mr. Settles provides assignments for attendees to complete that put his lessons into practice in their communities.

Here's what San Leandro, CA Chief Innovation Officer Deborah Acosta has to say about Mr. Settles' training for northern California community leaders: "It quickly became clear that the importance of this type of training was not only the opportunity to receive insights into how to build an effective broadband network; the networking and learning from each other was equally important."

This five-week online training program with broadband strategist Craig Settles gives you skills and insights you can use to move a project forward, or enhance your current broadband efforts.

Each session thoroughly breaks down recommended action steps in jargon-free terms, and provides plenty of examples from successful communities. Links to additional online materials reinforce the lessons.

Session Topics

These sessions collectively help you build the foundation for a successful broadband project. Local government officials, public utility staff, economic development and community stakeholders involved with planning and implementing broadband will leave better equipped for success.

1. Recruiting key community stakeholders-including the broadband champion

2. Finding the money for broadband

3. Evaluating business models

4. Effective constituent data gathering and needs assessment

5. The Mini-Deployment


1.  Recruiting key community stakeholders – including the broadband champion
Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Craig Settles walks you through the process of identifying, recruiting, motivating and managing those key official and unofficial community leaders critical to generating subscribers, funding, political support and partnerships. This should be an on-going effort. Enlisting a broadband champion who will drive local efforts is equally important, and this session helps your champion be more effective.

2. Finding the money for broadband
Wednesday, July 23, 2013

There are more ways to fund broadband projects than most communities realize. Conventional methods such as bond measures, financial institutions, subscriber-funded networks, crowdfunding and economic development fundraising are just some methods. Funding broadband also includes finding ways to significantly reduce the cost of building the network. This session helps you assess which funding options may be best for your specific community.   

3. Evaluating business models
Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Going hand-in-hand with assessing funding options is exploring which business model is best suited to your community. Should you create a community foundation or a public private partnership? Is an existing co-op or public utility a better bet? Based on your community’s particular needs Mr. Settles explores pros and cons of your various options, and outlines the main steps necessary to implement each option.    


4. Effective constituent data gathering and needs assessments
Wednesday, August 6, 2014

You can never know too much about the needs of your various constituents. This too is a vital and on-going process. The more vital data you collect, the more revenue your network will generate. This session helps you replicate successful ways U.S. communities have collected and leveraged data, even with small budgets: surveys, neighborhood meetings, focus groups, town halls and more. You also get insights how to best use the data you collect.

5. The Mini-Deployment: Your Down Payment for Success
Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The previous sessions lay the groundwork for a mini deployment, or Phase 1, project that not only tests your technology, but also your business model, revenue assumptions, operating costs, marketing themes, and other factors important for success. You learn how to develop and execute an effective mini deployment that you can use also to secure grants and other funding.

Your Takeaways

The webinar series is based on the e-book "Building The Gigabit City" written by Craig Settles.  To download a FREE copy of the book, CLICK HERE.

When you complete this series, you will have a strong grasp of best practices and tactics that help you take action and move broadband forward in your community. If you already have a project underway, these sessions will sharpen your skills and help you capitalize on additional opportunities for success.

Participation in the sessions is limited to 20 jurisdictions, UP TO 4 PEOPLE per jurisdiction for the one $50 fee. We're limiting jurisdictions so the content, lessons and assignments are better tailored to your needs. The “take home” assignments not only add context to the lessons presented, you get to make and mark progress on your project during the series. Frequent Q & A and quick polls enhance the interactive experience.

Online documents and links provide you with on-going education after the series concludes. Relationships built with your counterparts from other communities during the sessions also can prove valuable in the future. 


Cost:  $50 per jurisdiction (up to 4 people per jurisdiction)

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